Tiny Pine Press owner Jennifer Parsons’ art is rooted in her upbringing in the mountains of rural Appalachia. The daughter of a factory seamstress, Jennifer has enjoyed a lifelong love of hand-made craftsmanship. On the urging of friends used to receiving her hand-stitched gifts at birthdays and holidays, Jennifer began selling one-of-a-kind cards at the West Hollywood paperie Soolip in 2002, and was soon brought on as a full-time design consultant. Eventually, Jennifer decided to start her own stationery company, and in 2005 Tiny Pine Press opened its doors.

Today, Tiny Pine Press continues to produce hand-made, custom invitations and paper goods for weddings, celebrations, corporate events and other occasions for clients around the world from our offices in the Los Angeles area. Jennifer prints with two vintage Chandler & Prices presses.

When she’s not working, Jennifer invests time baking treats. She has a BIG collection of rotary telephones and a small collection of roosters.

website photography & portrait by Gia Canali