Tibetan Prayerbook Invitation

It was a lot of work, but the end result was worth it. The client is very into Tibetan buddhism and Nepal, and wanted a wedding invitation that evoked the prayerbooks from the area. Each of the five cards inside the invitation are two-ply hand-torn Tibetan paper. The bookends are heavy-weight kraft wrapped in dyed Tibetan paper and tied with paper twine. The envelope is custom with white hand calligraphy.


Japanese Paper in Wedding Invitations

Here at Tiny Pine Press we love Japanese paper! Whenever we it suits the project, we like to include Japanese paper envelope liners or backing. Above is an example of a wonderful combination of Japanese paper (an ocean wave pattern) with a natural wood-backed letterpress wedding invitation. The invitation also features handmade paper and stitching. The invitation was for a beach wedding in California, and the combination of Japanese print and natural wood evokes driftwood and Zen all at the same time.

A Three Piece Birth Announcement for Baby O

tri-fold-birth-announcement-2 Yes, just in time for his first birthday (it’s been that kind of year), a blog post featuring our son Otis’ birth announcement.

These were quite ambitious, given that we had just had a baby. To be fair, we had no idea Baby Otis would be as much of a handful as he was (is). Still, they came out great.

The cards were made from simple recycled chipboard sandwiched between different Japanese papers and edge painted in gold. The writing was letterpress on gold card stock, and the whole thing was tied together with ribbon. On the front, a small pressed flower — a Jungle Flame bloom, to be exact.

All the gold was sort of in honor of Otis’ name, which apparently means “wealth”, although that’s not why we gave it to him (it’s a grandfather’s).
These took an enormous amount of work, but I suppose they were worth it. I will say this, if there’s a #2 he or she will be getting something a bit simpler!

Letterpress Menus for Goop and Diane Von Furstenberg

Just a quick post about some menus we did for a party celebrating a successful collaboration between Diane Von Furstenberg and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, as featured in Vogue.

The menus were grey letterpress with black edge painting, and hand calligraphy by Anne Jones. The whole event was put together by Yifat Oren & Associates.

Something Different: Red, Gold and Shiny Foil Invitations


Laser-Cut Red for a Double Wedding

We may be known for more organic, wabi-sabi sorts of wedding invitations, but once and a while we get to create custom invitations that are very different from our “signature style” (whatever that is…but anyway).

At the other end of the spectrum from natural tones and materials is bright, shiny invitations like the ones here, which we did for a few different clients. These invitations are bold and glittery and they tell the recipient this wedding is going to be all-out fancy. Which they were… In fact, the one in red was for a Jewish-Hindu double wedding lasting five days! Two sets of wedding invitations, two sets of day of paper (programs, escort cards, menus, etc.) in two different but matching styles: red with laser cut monogram and gold foil for the Hindu wedding, and white with gold foil for the Jewish wedding. Both invitations also have gold twine tie. We are really proud of these wedding invitations, they were a lot of work but came out great.


We put together this gold foiled wedding invitation for a client (and now good friend). There are multiple pieces here, including a gold foil map and itinerary booklet with gold twine tie. Not for everyone, perhaps, but for her it was perfect.

Mariska Hartigay’s Walk of Fame Star Party Invitation

Mariska has given us permission to blog about a special invitation we did for her back in November, so here we go (Actually she gave us permission a long time ago, but we’ve taken a looong time to get around to blogging).

On November 8, 2013, Mariska Hartigay, star of Law & Order: SVU, received her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, right next to her late mother, Jane Mansfield.

Mariska, a long-time client of Tiny Pine Press who we know through our work with the Joyful Heart Foundation, asked us to create an invitation for the after-party. We came up with a design that is, like Mariska, just a little girly and definitely a show-stopper. The design obviously evokes the Walk of Fame stars… Because Mariska loves rhinestones we also made sure to include one of those, too. Plus some pink edge painting and a lovely pink-lined envelope.

Invitation to Mariska Hartigay Walk of Fame Party

The party invitation featured multiple letterpress runs, pink edge painting and a rhinestone.

Organic Wedding Invitation Suite in Style Me Pretty

Hi all. Sometimes no one tells us when our work is featured; we have to figure it out because there’s a bump in new inquiries and whatnot. Which is what happened with Chase and Justin’s wedding, which was featured on Style Me Pretty July 17. The wedding was shot by the indomitable Jose Villa. Special thanks to La Artista, Laura Mendoza, who did the lovely hand calligraphy!

The full invitation and wedding day of paper by Tiny Pine Press.

The full invitation and wedding day of paper by Tiny Pine Press.

Molly, We Think You’re Amazing, Too!

Been a little while since we last blogged…blame it on wedding season CHAOS!!

Anyway, our good friend and client Molly Sims has given us some love on her blog, MollySims.com and on LA Racked! Lots of good press for us (no pun intended). Molly is at the studio often and we’ve gotten to know and love her and her laid-back, down-to-earth style.

We’ve worked with Molly on several projects. For the blog post, she choose to feature this adorable birth announcement we did for her son Brooks.

Molly Sims Birth Announcement

Thank you, Molly!!