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Joyful Heart Tee-Party at Michael Stars via The Buzz Girls

Isn’t that a lot of great names in one sentence!

Tiny Pine Press has been ramping up involvement with the Joyful Heart Foundation for a few years now… When the Michael Stars company saw the cards I did for the another Joyful event, they requested I make some up for The Buzz Girls party at their Montana Avenue store in Santa Monica.

Michael Stars has created a T shirt and for every Joyful Heart Tshirt sold, they give one to a woman in need at a shelter. And I have to tell you, these T shirts are AMAZING! For the launch party with the Buzz Girls, Tiny Pine Press provided the “gratitude” cards and the party guests were to write a note of hope and ¬†inspiration for the recipients of the t shirts. It was a big honor, truthfully. What an amazing cause! And what a fun to be included with this amazing group of women.

Since I provided the cards, Tiny Pine was included in the very exceptional Buzz Girls gift bag. FANCY!!!

Sooooo make sure to go buy lots of the Joyful Heart T shirts… cause every time you make you or your friends feel lovely in one of those shirts, you make another woman feel lovely at what is likely to be a really tough time in her life.

Here are some pictures of the event.. including one of me with the Joyful Heart crew! xoxo

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In all of my free time (HA!), I have been beefing up my line of sell-ables for the etsy shop and potentially wholesale line for the future. Mostly I have been getting bursts of inspiration and trying to figure out a paper product to coincide. When I was cleaning out my paper closet, I found a small pile of Dirty Byrd cards in this sagey celedon color leftover from a job years and years ago.

There is nothing I like printing more than soft cotton handmade paper from the magical Dirty Byrd.

So I decided to make up some thank you notes. this one says “merci” for all the Francophiles… I also did a similar one that says “thank you” for those Anglophiles! hee hee…

By they way, these aren’t just green. They are green And GREEN. Printed by hand with no electricity on tree free paper with soy based ink. Can’t get much greener than that.

They will be available in the next week or so on the Tiny Pine Press Etsy store.. check back!