Joyful Heart Tee-Party at Michael Stars via The Buzz Girls

Isn’t that a lot of great names in one sentence!

Tiny Pine Press has been ramping up involvement with the Joyful Heart Foundation for a few years now… When the Michael Stars company saw the cards I did for the another Joyful event, they requested I make some up for The Buzz Girls party at their Montana Avenue store in Santa Monica.

Michael Stars has created a T shirt and for every Joyful Heart Tshirt sold, they give one to a woman in need at a shelter. And I have to tell you, these T shirts are AMAZING! For the launch party with the Buzz Girls, Tiny Pine Press provided the “gratitude” cards and the party guests were to write a note of hope and ¬†inspiration for the recipients of the t shirts. It was a big honor, truthfully. What an amazing cause! And what a fun to be included with this amazing group of women.

Since I provided the cards, Tiny Pine was included in the very exceptional Buzz Girls gift bag. FANCY!!!

Sooooo make sure to go buy lots of the Joyful Heart T shirts… cause every time you make you or your friends feel lovely in one of those shirts, you make another woman feel lovely at what is likely to be a really tough time in her life.

Here are some pictures of the event.. including one of me with the Joyful Heart crew! xoxo

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