5613_1218472664185_1299930400_626076_1930507_nI realize it’s a bit early for figuring out a halloween costume…. but.

My neighbor Brian brought over this set of fangs yesterday (after I gave him a medium sized piece of homemade carrot cake). I instantly stuck my head inside the GIANT teeth. Then I took them to work, contemplated wearing them as a printing uniform when they reached over and bit my press, verdie! goodness!

5613_1218473384203_1299930400_626077_439186_nIn these days of vampire obsession, I am pretty sure these fangs are going to be the HIT of the Halloween parade. I am trying to figure out how big of a cake I can bake to convince Brian to paint me some blood on them fangs. then I can dress up as a mouth from either True Blood OR Twilight……

OR, better yet, I can wear them next time I go to the dentist. That will confuse her!

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