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A Three Piece Birth Announcement for Baby O

tri-fold-birth-announcement-2 Yes, just in time for his first birthday (it’s been that kind of year), a blog post featuring our son Otis’ birth announcement.

These were quite ambitious, given that we had just had a baby. To be fair, we had no idea Baby Otis would be as much of a handful as he was (is). Still, they came out great.

The cards were made from simple recycled chipboard sandwiched between different Japanese papers and edge painted in gold. The writing was letterpress on gold card stock, and the whole thing was tied together with ribbon. On the front, a small pressed flower — a Jungle Flame bloom, to be exact.

All the gold was sort of in honor of Otis’ name, which apparently means “wealth”, although that’s not why we gave it to him (it’s a grandfather’s).
These took an enormous amount of work, but I suppose they were worth it. I will say this, if there’s a #2 he or she will be getting something a bit simpler!