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Something Different: Red, Gold and Shiny Foil Invitations


Laser-Cut Red for a Double Wedding

We may be known for more organic, wabi-sabi sorts of wedding invitations, but once and a while we get to create custom invitations that are very different from our “signature style” (whatever that is…but anyway).

At the other end of the spectrum from natural tones and materials is bright, shiny invitations like the ones here, which we did for a few different clients. These invitations are bold and glittery and they tell the recipient this wedding is going to be all-out fancy. Which they were… In fact, the one in red was for a Jewish-Hindu double wedding lasting five days! Two sets of wedding invitations, two sets of day of paper (programs, escort cards, menus, etc.) in two different but matching styles: red with laser cut monogram and gold foil for the Hindu wedding, and white with gold foil for the Jewish wedding. Both invitations also have gold twine tie. We are really proud of these wedding invitations, they were a lot of work but came out great.


We put together this gold foiled wedding invitation for a client (and now good friend). There are multiple pieces here, including a gold foil map and itinerary booklet with gold twine tie. Not for everyone, perhaps, but for her it was perfect.