The Telephone

Anyone who has been to my living quarters in the past 12 years could tell you 1 thing about me. I love telephones. I have 50 or more rotary telephones in my apartment. Lots of different styles and colors. Every room as more than a couple of different stles sitting around. It can be a bit overwhelming. Ask Joanna, my former roommate. In our old apartment, I think her bedroom was the only one not taken over by my collection. And I probably even tried to sneak some in there at some point when she was out of town……

I love the uniformity of rotary telephones from the 50’s thru the 70’s. They had the same exact shape for years. Different colors would come out but there was really only one style. I have almost all of the colors in that same style except pink…. (just so you all know whomever is reading this and wants to know what to get me for my birthday……..


This morning, my neighbor two doors down, Brian sent me some links of overwhelming pleasing rotary telephone art. I almost exploded with smiles. The fact that they have this many of the exact same telephone just is terribly pleasing. The artist is Rune Guneriussen. and I am gathering this person is from Norway… There are many other cool shots on this site so check it out…. 

What really happened when I saw this is that I got a hankering for a phone from Norway… just like these. AND I really wanted my telephones to be shot as little pieces of art…. 

I do have LOTS of foreign phones from my friends’ travels. Represented are the following countries: Thailand, England, Egypt, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, France, Serbia and Canada…. so maybe one day I will document them all… 

tiffany blue princess black and white

In the meantime, I was reminded of the photos I took the other day testing out a semi broken 35mm camera… here is one of my phones. It’s not foreign, but since you can’t tell from the black and white photo, it’s a tiffany blue princess phone. I love it…..